WO-SWGHDC8C4 is a HDD / SSD based 12 channels high performance & scalable multi-functions enterprise grade Vehicle Digital Video Recorder, specially designed for vehicles video surveillance and optimized for remote monitoring / management using high-end internal WiFi module providing seamless smooth operation. WO-SWGHDC8C4 VDVR is equipped with high speed processor running over embedded solid Linux platform offering latest secured H.264 compression/decompression technology for maximum efficiency of local storage utilization and the smoothest video/audio live streaming via a cutting-edge 3G/4G/LTE communication module, enables vehicle journey video recording with multiple image format (1080p, 720p, AHD) in addition to route and vehicle location tracing via embed GPS module (optional).

  • 12 channels Video/Audio support 1080p -720p -WD1/AHD
  • Hard disk / SSD based Storage 
  • 1 SD card up to 128GB Storage - mirror recording
  • 3G/4G/LTE Internal Module – Smooth Live Monitoring & Remote Management
  • WiFi Enabled - Video Archiving - Optional
  • H.264 Video Compression - Optimized Stream Control
  • Embedded Linux OS – Reliable Performance
  • 4*1 Aviation Interface Video/Audio/Power over single cable
  • Automatic Wide Voltage Input Range 8~36VDC - Anti Vibration
  • Dual Streaming Technology & data recovery technology
  • Support 360° Installation
  • Embedded GPS for location tracking 

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