Students on School buses may be hard to control, however they remain under the schools responsibility. The bus driver is in command, but his main concern is driving and as many educators are well aware, drivers often need the support of school administrators in getting their passengers home safely. Knowing what happened on the bus and knowing the consequences of school bus misbehavior is essential to the success of any bus safety code. This is why we offer our School Bus Safety Vision Solutions, Where students, bus driver and attendant will be monitored by the school management all the time, allowing the school to ensure safety, monitor student’s discipline, driver’s efficiency to follow the road regulations and attendant’s performance, allowing them to control all actions and eliminate false claims or lies.

Solution Features

In-Vehicle Video Recording

2.4GHZ WiFi Enabled

Web Based Centralized Management

Automatic Video Download

3G - Live Video Streaming


  • Passenger safety
  • Student discipline
  • Driver efficiency
  • Staff behavior
  • Decision Making 


  • Accidents and Theft
  • Damage costs
  • Vandalism and destruction of school bus property
  • False Legal Claims