The fleets operations efficiency, safety & security including staff performance will be enormously enhanced. Daily video recording in-vehicles and the live video streaming access by the management and managers in-charge will facilitate real time vision for all fleet drivers and operations everywhere day & night providing the ability to make the right decisions on the right time. Recording and documenting fleet operations will give the privilege for the management to evaluate the drivers, floor managers and workers performances and will avoid and protect them against false legal claims in case of incidents.

Solution Features

In-Vehicle Video Recording

2.4GHZ WiFi Enabled

Web Based Centralized Management

Automatic Video Download

3G - Live Video Streaming


  • Vehicle/Assets Security
  • Passenger/Goods Security and Safety
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Driver's & Staff Efficiency
  • Decision Making


  • False Legal Claims
  • Vehicle/Passengers/Goods Risks and Threat
  • Cost of Assets/Goods Damage
  • Vehicle Abuse
  • Vehicle/Goods Theft