The Forklift Front Vision Solution provides drivers with full vision, front and back, day and night while carrying loads. This monitoring system enhances productivity performance and time efficiency by expediting freight onloading and offloading. Forklifts operation is also considered a hectic procedure to drivers due to the constant need for the driver to look up and down and side to side, affecting his neck and back causing fatigue and lack of efficiency. Not to mention, the inability of the driver to view its surround will in turn affect safety measures, causing accidents and increase risk of property damage. With our Forklift Front Vision Solution, the driver will be able to access all areas from up high to down low to the load front view and its surroundings from a single screen installed in front of the driver, allowing the driver to eliminate the risks of fatal accidents that can occur due to their inability to view the surrounding of the forklift.

Solution Features

In-Vehicle Video Recording

2.4GHZ WiFi Enabled

Web Based Centralized Management

Automatic Video Download

3G - Live Video Streaming


  • Safety
  • Visibility
  • Efficiency/productivity
  • Warehouse utilization 


  • Accidents
  • Neck and back injury to operator
  • Damage costs of goods and racking
  • Driver fatigue