The safety of tourists and travelers is vital, hence taking precautions and monitoring vehicles tat are the main transportation for travelers has become a necessity. The vehicle operation efficiency, safety & security including staff and behavior will be enormously enhanced. Daily Video Recording in-bus will provide a great positive impact on delivery operation and endorsing security & safety process performance for travelers and tourists. The system facilitates precise and clear vision day and night. The solution runs over Enterprise centralized management platform providing remote live video streaming, talk back over VOIP , auto-video download over 5.8GHZ WiFi & centralized power source. Designed by topnotch experts in the automotive safety field and made of Japanese and American components uses the latest technology especially engineered to crystallize vision under harsh outdoor operations.

Solution Features

In-Vehicle Video Recording

2.4GHZ WiFi Enabled

Web Based Centralized Management

Automatic Video Download

3G - Live Video Streaming


  • Traveler/Tourist Security
  • Passenger Safety
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Driver/Staff Efficiency
  • Staff Behavior 


  • Vehicle/Passenger Risks and Threat
  • Cost of Assets Damage
  • Vehicle Abuse
  • Vehicle/Passenger Theft
  • False Legal Claims