In recognition to the challenges faced by police officers and forces, it has become essential that we provide excellent standards of safety management while promoting a smooth operation. Policeman’s excellence on the job is a paramount concern to the public; hence we dedicate our efforts to provide Video Tracking Solutions, which ensures an enormously enhanced performance and operation. Providing in-vehicles daily video recording and live video steaming access to command centers and generals in-charge will facilitate real time vision for all police operations everywhere day & night providing the ability to make the right decisions on the right time. The availability of recording and documenting policemen missions will allow generals in-charge a clear perspective in evaluating performances and will avoid and protect them against false legal claims. By developing and implementing safety and security measures, Officers and policemen will be able to carry out their duties in confidenc

Solution Features

In-Vehicle Video Recording

2.4GHZ WiFi Enabled

Web Based Centralized Management

Automatic Video Download

3G - Live Video Streaming


  • Officers Security and Safety
  • Vehicle/Assets Security
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Driver's Efficiency
  • Decision Making 


  • False Legal Claims
  • Cost of Assets Vandalism/Damage
  • Officers Risks and Threats
  • Vehicles Risks and Threats
  • Vehicles Abuse and Theft